Tips To Decorate Your Garden

Keeping your garden small and decorative and maintaining it can be a hard work for us. One should maintain a healthy and decorative garden whether be it a small one or big one. But if you have a limited space, you can still beautify your garden area. Here are the tips for those for whom decorating and maintain a garden is a tough task.

Ideas To Beautify Your Garden

Make Out A Plan: There might be number of questions arising regarding the look of garden area, what kind of flowers be used etc. Firstly you should draw a plan, is your garden Square or Rectangle? What do you prefer, flowers or shrubs? You should choose a space which is not too shady or sunny. Decide on these points and stick to it. This will help you from unnecessary investment and a easier way to maintain your garden and will prove to be time saving as well. This is first and foremost step in your garden maintenance at

Create Blocks And Levels: Don’t go for only grass in your garden, it will make it look duller. You can use different contrasts, textures, colors, different sizes of pots. Use timbers, river rocks etc. to create border for plant beds. Create different groups such as a group for bushes and flowers, short plants with taller ones. One can also use different pots, which is too catchy in decorating and beautify a garden. Pots could be of different material like that of clay, glazed or metal. They can be of different colors and shapes. Another move to beautify your garden is to create levels. Place your flower pots on a garden ladder. You can also hang your pots. Create wooden shelves which is again a catchy thing and innovative too.

Space For Seating: Use garden furniture in your garden and make it a place worth having a morning tea. Use small and colorful cushions, of water-proof material. You can use rustproof paint on your furniture and give your garden a lively pop. Better use wooden benches for natural touch like that of hilly cafés.

Use Home Material: Use your innovative mind and creativeness by using home wastes. In order to decorate your garden you can use rusted water cans or used shovels placed at different angles. You can also use mirrors in your garden. Place mirrors at different angles, it can make a garden look bigger. One can also use broken pieces of mirror. You can use a vintage wagon as plant container.