All About Retaining Walls

While building a house or any other building we are often in a situation where if we build the structure without a retaining wall Mother Nature will destroy the building. Retaining wall is a sturdy wall that works against gravity and retains the soil or water and keeps the place or building safely. These retaining walls by Baseline Retaining Systems are also built on the coastline, on the roads that we construct near or in the mountainous areas. If we don’t construct these walls in any place they are needed then the water or soil can bring huge disaster and it will cost more to clear up the mess afterwards.

There are many types of retaining walls for example sleeper retaining wall Sunshine Coast, pile retaining walls, gravity retaining wall, anchored retaining wall, piling retaining wall, and, cantilever walls, etc. It depends on the area and the conditions like a type of soil, the area with less or more water bodies and other gravitational factors that will type of retaining wall will be built and what type of retaining wall blocks will be used? The type of material we use can greatly affect the overall cost of the retaining wall. As one cannot just hire a group of few people and build up a retaining wall for them. It takes a genuine style of engineering to design a project before starting the construction and before designing the project analyzing the area is a must.

Small height retaining walls do not require complex engineering but walls that are taller than 4 feet require a proper design from a licensed civil engineer because poor planning and construction can collapse and cause much damage to the area.  Wood is the cheapest retaining wall but will not be suitable for long term although it is less painful to install wood is a material that decays over time and it will not stop water but absorb it. Stone or concrete retaining walls are expensive but they have a longer life. They have much more toughness to detain the earth and water back and to work against gravity. There are many things to keep in mind while building a retaining wall. There are some crucial steps to follow to make a wall heavy duty. Of course, it comes with great challenges but a good engineer will make any decision smartly and overcome the problem that he may face.

So, choosing the right type of wall and material for it is crucial. The poor planning and construction may lead to more expenses and may also increase the need for work in a particular area. Hiring a company that is well-known for this job is a great choice to make. And this is the decision that can change the whole game.