The Revolution In Your Pocket

Your smart-phone has enough power to make everything very convenient for you, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

The TV remote

Your mobile phone can save you those lazy few to pick up the TV remote. How? By turning itself into your TV remote! Well not physically, but your phone universal remote controller applications to help you skip the extra trouble. Even though this feature is quite old, support for new platforms keeps getting added. Want to watch a movie on your Blu-ray player? Simply flip a select the model of your Blu-ray player from the application in your smart-phone. Your phone just transformed into your Blu-ray player’s remote controller.

Your house keys

Why bother fumbling for the keys when you can simply unlock your front door with your smart-phone. Thanks to the introduction of smart locks, you can even unlock your front door from a million miles away. All you have to do is install the special lock to your current doorknob. If you have a ssecurity screens in North Brisbane installed.

You might need to contact the company you purchase the best security screen from in regards to warranty deemed null and void.

The wallet

Thanks to your smart-phone, you need not worry about losing your wallet anymore, because your smart-phone has replaced even your wallet. That’s made possible due to an innovation called near field communication, which allows you to make transactions from the credit card registered to your phone. Using your phone as a credit card makes the whole process easier and much safer, because even if your phone gets stolen, it wouldn’t matter because most high end phones require your fingerprint to be unlocked. You can also track down your phone and make it sound an alarm continuously for 5 minutes. In other words, that thief just landed himself/herself a first class ticket to jail.

The Library

You might still prefer the feel of paper in your fingers, but it is no longer required to carry a back breaking amount of books around with you anymore, since with your smart-phone, you can easily and conveniently find a book to your liking from an e-book store. The whole process is much faster than what your librarian can even dream of reaching.

The Television

Smart-phones have partially supplanted even the television, thanks to applications like Netflix making their way to mobile phones. Soon enough your smart-phone might replace your laptop and even your gaming console, and with Virtual reality, the limits to what your smart-phone will be capable of, would be endless.