Roller Security Shutters – Stay Secure

Roller security shutters are latest addition to the home security products. These products add an additional layer of security and privacy to the given space. You can be running a business or looking to secure your home. Then, you can consider adding roller security shutter for the purpose.

You can attach these shutters to the outside of windows of home or to the doors, in the case of offices and warehouses. These shutters are available in a wide variety of sizes, so you can cover anything from a window to a garage door.


• Roller shutters in Geelong are made of metal or fiber glass. These are two common materials used to make roller units as they have highest level of durability and strength.

• These shutters prevent your home or office from anti-social aspects and also keep the property away from all possibilities of graffiti.

• With roller security shutters, you can meet the safety and aesthetic beauty needs of your premise. If the shutter is sprayed with paint, it can easily roll up and out of sight. Besides this, you can easily clean them in your off time.

• It is wise to choose metal shutters as it is more economical. However, it does not offer much insulation options. Fiber glass is the better choice when it comes to insulation from inclement weather.

• Fiber glass is a bit expensive, but you can save the cost in the long run. They are springy and do not need any kind of maintenance.

• You can be looking for privacy rather than security. In that case, you can choose lightweight materials like uPVC. This material last for a long time in same good condition and don’t need regular maintenance.

• Protection is not the major criteria; still you can protect glass windows and get certain level of insulation as well. uPVC material is available in wide range of colors, hence you can easily find something that suit your needs.

• For an upgraded version, you can think of electric roller security shutters. This option does not need manual hauling and can easily be installed for residential and commercial settings.

• This version comes with the ability to set time for coming down and going up every day. Hence, you can decrease the amount of labor needed to put the shitter in place every day. Moreover, you can have multiple shutters and control them easily and effortlessly. 

When you look for roller security shutters, spend some time to research before investing in a security version. You should have a clear idea about what exactly you want for your premises. Look for word of mouth advertisements and consider some genuine reviews for reference.