Different Types Of Decking

There is a wide range of materials available in today’s world for decking. Just like you get clothes of different materials, textures and sizes, one could also get various types of decking materials and textures to suit ones taste and preference. Natural materials used for this are like jutoba and wood, the man made materials used are PVC, composites, vinyl and aluminium. These materials can be used to create beautiful walkways, a terrace ect. These decking’s can be placed over a concrete floor or even a vanished floor.

Various types of wood

There are various types of wood that can be used for decking. Lumber, Cedar, redwood, hardwood and a few other types of timber decking are examples of these. These are one of the cheapest ways to deck a place as it is natural. The main advantage of using this type of wood is because they are natural and produce natural chemicals called tannins and oils which make them last for longer as it prevents rotting or decay and it is also resistant to insects that could damage the wood. But cedar and redwood require some maintaining in comparison to the others. They must be power washed and coated once in 3 years. Click this link http://www.foxysdeckingrestorations.com.au/pergola-maintenance/ for further information regarding pergola maintenance.

And to maintain its wood like outer texture, a stain must be applied otherwise it will fade off to a greyish colour. Hardwoods in compared to redwood and cedar are durable and hard. But the down side of it is that it is very heavy to handle and cut. And it is more expensive than lumber. Pressure-Treated lumber is one of the most new innovations and hold more advantages than the normal lumber. Always make sure that whichever wood you choose, you always get the best quality timber decking in Newcastle.

Aluminium decking

Aluminium is an ideal decking material because it has a light weight and wont rust or rot. The most important feature of an aluminium deck is that it is cryogenically strong and it will not easily break. Plus it isnot flammable like sometimes of composite decking’s. But of course this type of decking comes with a high price but it is worth as it lasts longer.

Composite decking

Composite decking is very similar to plastic lumber. These come in a wide range of colours and are mainly composed of an important material which can be either polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride. Plastic lumber is made entirely from plastic. Composite decking is considered one of the best as it is stain and weather resistant and it will not easily decay or rot. Both of these require a lower maintenance in comparison to the wood decking’s.