The Creepy Crawlies Must Stay Outside, Where They Belong

They say that arthropods are the most widespread type of animals in the whole world. Found in the seas, the rivers, at the highest mountains, in hot and humid climates or even cold and dry ones, these creatures are everywhere.

Many carry diseases. Incidentally, the greatest killer of human beings is none other than the mosquito, ahead of every other form of death, including wars, famine, cancers and road accidents.
While there are many who transmit deadly diseases, the vast majority of them are harmless to humans. But who can tell the difference between a bad and a good one? The safest bet is to ensure that none of them are in overtly frequent contact with us, and our loved ones.

One course of action that you could take is the use of chemicals, such as DDT and pesticides. There are also special bug repellent oils, sprays, lotions, coil burners and candles that can be used for this purpose. The overuse of DDT in the last several decades has made virtually all bugs resilient to its powers. No doubt, the same will happen in time with the other methods mentioned above, check this quality security screen doors

So what other options remain?
A barrier method. In many Asian and African households, wire or nylon meshes are affixed to windows and vents to prevent unwanted creatures from getting inside. Nylon or cotton mosquito nets are used over beds while sleeping to prevent these deadly arthropods from coming in to contact with the skins of individuals. We, a company based in Brisbane, Australia, have taken a leaf out of the books of these Asian and African homes.

The use of insect screens is an effective way by which to ensure that no bug can fly in to your home at its own free will. They allow the breeze and fresh air to waft in and out of your home, which was always the intention of installing vents and windows in the first place; while preventing bugs from getting in.

Our insect screens come in a variety of sizes and colors and are made of various materials, allowing you the choice of selecting the best type of mesh that would suit your home, your style and your preferences.

Our professional installers will rapidly put our meshes in to place upon your vents, windows and even doors, as you may require. And you can say bye bye to unwanted flying intruders in your house. These meshes require only a little periodic cleaning, which would ideally be that of a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, wiping them down with a damp cloth would serve the purpose too, thus ensuring that your mesh continues to look pleasing while providing a very useful function.