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Beyond Cleaning Group are undoubtedly the best when it comes to house cleaning brunswick heads services and in case you have made up your mind regarding hiring them, and you are wondering where to start, then here is all you need to do. The first and foremost step is to create an account and this you can easily do one their webpage online when you book them for a cleaning service. Your account will help you fill in your contact details from phone numbers to home address and other particulars and will also give you access to the services available. If you want to confirm whether the services offered by Beyond Cleaning Group are available in the area where you live, then check your location to see if it lies within twenty kilometer range of Gold Coast. In case you are confused about it, then you can directly ask the team at Beyond Cleaning Group by calling them mentioning the area where you live, and they will instantly tell you if they can provide you the service or not.

The Standard Cleaning includes

Among the numerous types of cleaning services offered, one that is particularly famous among customer is the standard cleaning and it includes the following. Once you book this cleaning, one or two members from Beyond Cleaning Group will reach your house, depending upon your house area. They will bring the cleaning products that are required along with the machines such as vacuum cleaners and mops of all kinds. The cleaning includes clearing all cobwebs on wall, window ledges and on roofs. Dusting the furniture followed by cleaning the floors all around the house including the hallways, bedrooms and staircase.

They will empty your bins, clean the doorknobs and switches. After the rooms are cleaned, they will turn to bathrooms, bathroom cleaning includes cleaning your drawers and shelves. Scrubbing the sink and the toilet and bathtub or shower and cleaning the mirrors. Kitchen cleaning includes cleaning interiors and exterior of your fridge and other kitchen appliances such as micro wave, oven and food processor. The cleaners will then clean the counter tops and cabinets, followed by kitchen sink and floor. In case you need any additional services, you have to specify that at the time of booking and you will be separately charged for that depending upon the task.

If you are a regular customer

If you are in a habit of hiring house keepers from Beyond Cleaning Group on a regular basis, then you can have access to their gift card. You can use the credits on your card to avail discounts on certain products and services. But in case you want to cancel a booking, you have to do that forty-eight hours prior as otherwise you will have to pay an additional fifty dollars. Refunds of the payment are not available, in case there is some issue, you must immediately report to the company and they will fix it as nothing matters to them more than customer’s satisfaction with their services.For more information visit our website: