Smart Ways To Cool Your Home Without ACs

Fighting the sun during summer is no easy task. But, you need to prepare for it from an earlier stage. Or else you will end up wasting your money on bills and so. These simple options will help you to fight the heat easily.The summer is a great season. Pool parties, beach fun, bright sun, tans and what not. But the worst part of summer is the unbearable heat. Keeping our homes cool is not an easy task. The heat thats comes inside with the sunlight is something that we just cant get rid of. That is why we turn for the Air Conditioners and coolers. This is an expensive option as it heightens our electricity bill and it is not a healthier option. So, what are the other better options available to fight off this heat?


Blinds have come into the market and conquered the curtains and drapes section. there has been a huge demand for blinds during the recent years. The simple answer why blinds are in such a demand is because that it has the ability to control the sun. If you have blinds at your home make sure you close them during the heat. This will prevent the air inside the home from getting heated up. Not only that, blinds can benefit you throughout the whole year. So it is a win-win situation. Make sure you select the blind of your choice. Whether its canvas blinds Mornington Peninsula or wooden ones, we got you covered. You can select the design, material, pattern and color and get the blind of your choice.


Shutters are another great way to block off the sun. You can get good roller shutters to help you even more as it is easy to use and handle. Installing interior and exterior shutters will reduce the heat inside your home and also, it will provide protection during bad weather. You can control the heat you let in through the adjustable slats.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains is another greta option. These will insulate the room naturally. It will block off the sun and reduce the heat. Also, the cool air wont escape through blackout curtains.


Substituting ACs for fans might be a better options. As mentioned before, sir conditioners and artificial coolers are not recommended for your health. But, you can use a fan to fight of the heat by using a bowl of ice or something cold as such along with the fact. This will bring cool air that is good for your health.

Night air

During the summer something that you can do is let the night air in by opening the windows and so. The night is much cooler and will make your home cool. But make sure you close it before the heat comes up.

These few simple ways are some brilliant options and will help you fight off the unbearable heat.